Our Work

Our business website cdlwebdesign, has been designed and developed using wordpress! A great solution for responsive design, with integrated social media abilities. This is our preferred method of development, and gives the client the control to make any updates they require after our site design and development. This is hugely beneficial for a client such as a photographer. As they may update their portfolio or blog on a very regular basis, and are able to so with ease, just by logging in and updating as they wish. 


The below website has been developed, using HTML and CSS, with a touch of jquery. Designed for a top quality, Durban-based, decking and carpentry company, called, "Deckitout"!

We are proud to have created a website for such a quality business, providing a platform for Derek and his team to display their fantastic decking and carpentry works!

Thank you for this opportunity!





Providing tips and travel ideas for foreign doctors living and working in South Africa, this site makes use of HTML and CSS. (note: site is currently undergoing maintenance)





A Durban based Mobile Coffee business, Caffee Coffee! Their website was built in wordpress and we are proud to have designed their logo too. Take a look at their site to view more pages. Caffecoffee

Home and menu_Caffecoffee


This assortment of Logos I have designed and created using photoshop, range from client requested design to contests. The key ingredient in all of these, is having fun with ideas,  while having an ultimate design goal in mind. This is an additional service to the webdesign.

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